Collected from traditional, local beekeepers in West Africa, our crude beeswax is some of the finest available today. Beeswax, a product of honeycomb and honeybees, is most beneficial when it is in its most raw, natural state. We are determined to collect the finest, purest beeswax available. 


Unlike other manmade, synthetic versions of beeswax, we combine the use of traditional and superior techniques to obtain the highest quality and purest beeswax possible. We carefully control the  production of our beeswax.  


Our product is approved by USDA Organic allowing it for purchase in the USA and many different countries.



Our products cater to a variety of high-end industries. First and foremost, the food industry: through honey, our beeswax would easily see mass consumption alone.


Our beeswax can also be used for a variety of home medical remedies .


Our beeswax can also infiltrate the cosmetic industry as beeswax has unique “wax esters” which easily and naturally moisturize human skin. Although some beeswax in stores today is altered to look natural there may be unnatural additives. We are confident our beeswax is some of the finest on the market today.


This allows our beeswax to be easily used for moisturizers and lip balm as evidenced by different brands of lip balms which are highly successful here in the US and abroad as cosmetics.




BeesWax itself is a product made from honeycomb and secretion of the worker bees in the hive. The beeswax initially starts out as clear and odorless.


The mixing of pollen oils into honeycomb wax turns this fine clear wax into a yellow or brown color. This yellow or brown beeswax is then directly extracted from the honeycomb at a precise time to result in the purest product. This extracted product is then further refined to result in our premium beeswax.